I had a dream like that.


It was nighttime, and I was in the middle of the ocean. I was trying to swim but I was too cold, and I kept looking, I kept looking for something to hold on to. And there presents, floating, floating all around me, they were wrapped up, they were tied with bows…

and, and I tried to grab on to them but they kept popping away.

And then I, I started to sink…like a stone. There was nothing I could do, I was falling…but it felt good.

I was letting go.

I was letting myself go, and all I could see was black, and all I could feel was the darkness above me and…the lights coming from below and…I knew I was dying. And then I heard this voice like somebody whispering in my ear,

‘wake up, number #37’
‘wake up, number #37’
‘wake up, number #37’